Pool Contaminants


Pool contaminated by algae



Phosphates can increase the growth of algae and can enter the water from such sources as decaying plants, fertilizers, mineral treatment chemicals, contaminated well water, acid rain, and rain water run off from gutters containing debris that run onto pool decking which then enters the pool. Ground water runoff, bird droppings, swimmer wastes, urine and sweat and yes…even dogs.

Phosphate is a plant nutrient and the presence in swimming pool water, even at low levels, can cause algae to grow. Pools, that are properly maintained, usually do not have unexpected difficulty controlling algae, even in the presence of phosphate, but at higher levels can cause some difficulty.



Nitrates are very similar to phosphates in the sense that they encourage the growth of algae. Nitrates can come from oils off of swimmers, wind blowing things into the pool, and yes again…Dogs!

While the pool chemistry may be correct, the presence of nitrates in the water can spark algae growth, making a swimming pool look more like a swamp.

Even if sources of nitrates are not used by you, such as fertilizers, a windy day can drift the elements in your pool from a neighbor’s house a few blocks away. Other ways nitrates can be introduced to the pool are from human waste, decaying plant life, rain or leaves. Excess debris in rain gutter systems can introduce these elements. While nitrates don’t specifically turn a pool green, they act like food for algae, a plant that is constantly trying to grow in pools.


If you believe that your pool has been effected by contamination, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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