Diving Do's and Don'ts


Diving safely



  • Do know the shape of the pool bottom and the depth of the pool, before you dive or slide headfirst.

  • Do plan your path to avoid submerged obstacles, service objects and other pool users.

  • Do hold your head up, arms up and steer up with your hands.

  • Do keep arms extended and head and arms up.

  • Do practice carefully before you dive or slide headfirst.

  • Do test the diving board for it's spring before using.

  • Do drive straight ahead - not off the side of a diving board.


And now the don'ts

  • Don't drink and dive!

  • Don't attempt to dive into an above ground pool.

  • Don't dive or slide headfirst into the shallow part of the pool.

  • Don't run and dive.

  • Don't dive from any place that is not specifically designed for diving.

  • Don't engage in horseplay on diving or sliding equipment.

  • Don't use diving equipment as a trampoline.

  • Don't attempt a back dive. Back yard pools are not designed for such dangerous dives.

  • Don't try anything fancy. Keep it simple.

  • Don't dive or slide headfirst at or through objects such as inner tubes.

  • Don't put diving or sliding equipment on a pool that wasn't designed for it.

  • Don't swim or dive alone.



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