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Safety Tips from A & B Pools


We all know that the pool is a great place to exercise and entertain family and friends, but we do need to be aware that accidents can happen and we should therefore be careful to supervise the people who are using the pool.


Your pool can be the focal point for happy entertaining. In order to make your entertaining truly enjoyable be sure to plan ahead to prevent accidents.

  • Whether you are having a big party or just a few people over for a swim, think about the number of guests who will be using your pool and also their relative swimming skills. It will usually be the case that children require more supervision than the adults.

  • If you are providing food, establish a dining area well away from the pool. Not only will this prevent food from falling into the pool but also this will minimise the likelihood of someone walking on the food and slipping and falling into the pool as a result.

  • When your guests are near the pool they may well be bare-footed, so you should only ever use unbreakable dishes, beverage containers and utensils. Glass should never be used anywhere near the pool. Broken glass is invisible in water and very difficult to remove from the pool's support system.

  • To avoid risk of an electric shock, keep electrical appliances well away from the pool. If you must have an appliance near the pool use a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Whenever possible use battery-operated appliances near the pool.

  • Do not assume that any pool users can swim well or that they will know what to do if they get into trouble in the water. You should make sure that poor swimmers and non-swimmers restrict their activities to the shallow end of the pool.

  • Encourage pool users to shower with soap and water before entering the pool. Doing so will wash away many of the common skin bacteria, and remove lotions, deoderants, creams etc. Perspiration and lotions will reduce the effectiveness of the pool disinfectant and will also lessen the functionality of the pool filter.

  • People with any kind of body infections, open sores or wounds should not use the pool because they may spread the infection to other users.

  • If you use your pool at night, ensure that there is adequate lighting in and around the pool and that the the pool bottom is clearly visible.

  • The use of excessive alcohol and drugs anywhere near the pool is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. You should not allow anyone who has been drinking or taking drugs in the pool and supervise them carefully in the area around the pool.


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